Image courtesy of J. Lee.


Wildlife conservation is a difficult and burdensome cause, so we try to do it with fun, grace, panache, passion, and vigor. We like to party wild, like the wildlife we save, as hard as we work.


“Mud Bath” with us to celebrate, be inspired, raise funds, and have some fun. In Xhosa, we call it ubuntu.

Event programming gives us the opportunity to share our work with the fun-loving public and give back to the local communities we live, at the same time. These events help us raise funds to our mission but also give us unique outlets to meet and get to know all of our diverse stakeholders. Our values reflect the events that we share while spreading the message that constant vigilance by wildlife park rangers on the ground require our help so that wildlife may live.


THE “jumbo” ANNUAL white PARTY for wildlife (W4W™)

Named in memory of the world’s first zoo and circus elephant (1861-1885) from the French Sudan, this annual fundraising party is held on the date of our founding, July 16, in Seattle.  W4W is our only event that benefits the upkeep of our organization and to celebrate our victories with all of our stakeholders. 



Our only black-tie fundraising event—The Shield Award for Defending Wildlife—is held annually on November 18, in Washington, DC. The Shield Award™ recognizes one special individual or organization that has made a outstanding positive impact on wildlife conservation while exemplifying our guiding values: PLACE(Professionalism, Love, Audacity, Courage, and Excellence). This award may include a cash incentive to further the recipient’s wildlife conservation goals. Proceeds raised from this event benefit our The Heroes That Care Forgot™ Adopt-A-Ranger™ and our The Heroes That Care Forgot™ Rewards For Rangers™ (R4R) Fund campaigns.



This annual 10K foot race is held on Endangered Species Day in select cities. Proceeds raised from this event benefit our The Heroes That Care Forgot Adopt-A-Ranger and our The Heroes That Care Forgot Rewards For Rangers (R4R) Fund campaigns that supports our Ranger Tactical Support Augmentation Partnership (RTSAP) programs on the field.

“Saving Africa’s last wild places is as much about humans as it is about animals. Poverty will continue to be an exploitable phenomenon until the world wakes up and starts investing in both people and planet. We need to keep sharing stories that matter until it becomes a part of the business DNA in Africa because what is good for the African people is good for Africa’s wild.”

—Jamie Joseph, wildlife anthropologist and founder of Saving The Wild project

We seek opportunities for business and organizational sponsors to help underwrite our events so that all funds raised go towards our mission. The support from like-minded and altruistic companiesalong with major individual donorswho share our passion for wildlife conservation, validates the success of our mission for years to come.

We are grateful for any corporate sponsor or individual donor who wants to support us in a very big way. If you or your organization would like to underwrite or sponsor any of our events, please contact us.