On a mission in Mozambique. Image courtesy of Nicolas Zessa.

Show off  our Elephant Shield to support wildlife park rangers so that wildlife may live. Besides, our gear are built to last just like our team.

Plus, all of proceeds from the sale of our Tusk Defender™gear benefit all of our programs where it is needed most.

here are the goods.

All of our Tusk Defender™goods below are the same gear that our anti-poaching operations team and affiliates wear on the ground, worldwide. So, what you get is the real deal for a good cause. 

challenge coin

3-inches x 3-inches (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm) bronze “coin” featuring our Elephant Shield™ logo in full color, on both sides. Like our equipment decal and lapel pin, this is an actual “shield” that you can put in your pocket. Price: US $15.00. To get this gear, please click here.


3-inches x 3-inches (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm) commercial-grade, climate-proof, vinyl decal featuring our Elephant Shield™ logo and actual size of our tactical patch. Price: US $5.00. To get this gear, please click here.


100% cotton-twill featuring our Elephant Shield™ logo on the front and #StopWildlifeTerrorism™ plus our website address on the back, unstructured low profile, one size fits most, adjustable. Color: Khaki. Price: US $30.00. To get this gear, please click here.


Next Level cotton/polyester blend and soft to the touch. Features our Elephant Shield™ logo with our website address on the front and Elephant Shield™ logo with #RaiseTheShieldForWildlife™ in bold on the back with our website address. Colors: Heather Grey, Light/Hard Grey, Light Olive, or Sand/Ivory. Size: XS-3XL for both men and women. Price: US $30.00. To get this gear, please click here.


3-inches x 3-inches (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm) military-grade, combat-tested, ballistic-safe, climate-proof, 3D PVC Velcro (hook/hard side for loop/soft fastener) patch featuring our Elephant Shield™ logo. Color: AfriCam standard. Donation: US $15.00. To get this gear, please click here.

Pictures of items will be up soon and we appreciate your patience. To order any of the items above, please click on the link indicated or use the form below to inquire about availability, sizes, or color. All of our gear are proudly Union-made, when available, and are made from recycled materials in the United States of America under fair-trade, cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable conditions.

*AfriCam is our own blend of camouflage-pattern that reflects the diverse colors of the African savanna and Asian forests, trademark and patent-pending.

The Elephant Shield™ logo, terms, slogans, and representations that includes “Fight Terrorism, Save Wildlife,” “Raise The Shield For Wildlife,” “So That Wildlife May Live,” “Stop Wildlife Terrorism,” “Stop Wildlife Violence,” “The Heroes That Care Forgot,” “The Shield Award,” “Tusk Ambassador,” and “Tusk Defender,” are trademarks of Tusk Task Force with registrations pending. More information on copyrights and trademarks are found here.

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