Wildlife park rangers resting at Sinya, Kenya. Image courtesy of Enduimet MWA.

We only have two funding programs to sustain our ranger protection operations. 

Plus, all of proceeds benefit The Heroes That Care Forgot— so the less they worry, the better they are able to defend wildlife and abolish their exploitation.

The evidence is compelling that wildlife poaching is a revenue stream for all illicit enterprises affiliated with worldwide terrorism. While there are many strategies to combat poaching and diminish the wildlife trade, we focus on one area of concern: The welfare, safety, security, and protection of those defending the African Trifecta—the Bush Rangers on the ground.

Our two sustaining funding projects are focused on the park rangers deployed in many areas, managed by other NGOs and government agencies. In some cases, they are managed together by both, providing efficient deployment against poachers. Our goals is to, eventually, manage direct operations ourselves in cohesion with transnational government agencies. By having sustaining fundraising programs for park rangers, we are able to ensure our mission and our vision to operate effectively in all our target areas. Along with business and corporate partnerships that we seek and maintain, we are able to raise funds and distribute resources equally to our program sites on a quarterly basis. Individuals may also take part by supporting our programs below. 


Adopt-A-Ranger is our regularly sustaining (monthly, quarterly, or annual) program for those who truly want to get involved with park rangers in Africa. With the collaboration of park ranger agencies, a donor may choose to “adopt” a park ranger to give them complete (morale, financial, tactical) support on the ground. If you wish to adopt a bush ranger, please give us a holler and contact us and we’ll send you how to help those who defend wildlife on our behalf.


Created in memory of all wildlife park rangers killed in action or wounded worldwide, the R4R Fund will provide supplement funding to park ranger agencies to increase monetary rewards to witnesses who come forward for apprehension of poachers who injure and/or kill a park ranger. If you wish to support this special fund to help deter the injuring and/or killing of park rangers, please give us a shout and contact us and we’ll send you more information on how to be more committed to those who defend wildlife on our behalf.

We value your trust and appreciate your important sponsorship and investment to our cause. Please be assured that your aid will make a difference and we will be responsible stewards of your investment. At this time, all administrative and operational costs are funded by our CEO who is paid an annual salary of $1. 

“In central Africa, it’s a war. You have rebel militia and terrorist groups killing elephants for ivory, taking that ivory, trading for arms, or trading it for medicine. And one of the important things I learned in this project is, in many of these lawless states in central Africa, park rangers are the only protection that people on the ground have. So for me, this news story isn’t about elephants, it’s about violence, and these rangers represent the front lines between terrorists and people.”

—Bryan Christy, investigative journalist for National Geographic magazine

If you decide to donate, please know that every dollar given to us are all accounted for. If you did not receive a receipt after your online donation transaction, please contact us and we will provide one for you. We may also provide receipts of our institutional contributions to our partners, if requested.

Unfortunately at this time, you are not able to deduct your contributions from your federal taxes while our 501c3 status is pending. We appreciate your patience and we regret this inconvenience.

On behalf of wildlife and the park rangers risking their lives to defend them, we are grateful for your unselfish contribution.


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