One-horned Indian rhino in Bardiya, Nepal. Image courtesy of Krish Dulal.


You can evangelize our mission as a Tusk Ambassador™ or choose to be a Tusk Defender™ to support our ops and partners on the ground, worldwide.

Either way, you are raising our shield to defend wildlife and abolish all wildlife exploitation all over the world.

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.”

—Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622)


We regard the elephant, giraffe, okapi, and rhino as the “sovereigns” of the bush, desert, forest, and the savanna—for they truly are majestic and magnificent creatures of the wild. Unfortunately, they are under siege wherever they roam because of the misplaced “value” on their tusks, heads, bones, tails, meat, and horns. Therefore, we seek kind and dedicated associate advocates who are willing to speak for them—by promoting our mission to anyone who will listen—to #EndExtinctionEconomy #StopWildlifeTerrorism #SoThatWildlifeMayLive and #RaiseTheShieldForWildlife with us.

TUSK defender™

The trumpet call of the elephant, the hum of the giraffe, the grace of the okapi, and the rumble of the rhino is a phenomenon to behold and one can only truly appreciate the grace of these majestic creatures and the sacrifice of the park ranger, who defends them, by actually working with them. To be a Tusk Defender™ is not for the weak and requires huge sacrifices. However, to those who hear the clarion call to be in the bush, desert, forest, or the savanna—the experience will change them forever by being hands-on in helping defend these magnificent creatures—to #EndExtinctionEconomy #StopWildlifeTerrorism #SoThatWildlifeMayLive and #RaiseTheShieldForWildlife with us.

If you would like information on how to join us as a associate volunteer to evangelize our mission or support our ground teams, please contact us for details.


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